Before this lesson, I was under the notion that race meant, and was limited to, the color of a person’s skin. I thought that race had to do with physical appearance and genetics, and only had a biological aspect to it. After viewing over the materials for this lesson, I learned that race contains a social aspect to it as well and has a relationship with Power, which was discussed in a previous lesson. This power dynamic in race was noted by colonial Europeans. Europeans and Americans have a different interpretation of the word “race”, however. To Europeans it has closer relationship with power struggles in between people of different skin colors and the inequality present. To Americans, it refers to the inequality/discrimination, but most significantly it refers to slaves and the era of slaves in America. It is fascinating to think about the role of race, through the perspective of power and how race resulted in power dynamic shifts throughout history and still continues to affect us today. For example, it was sad to see the poor treatment of individuals based on race and this summer it reached a breaking point. But movements and events such as these are what begin to shake up the power dynamic that has been established for a long time and every now and then the tide sways one way or another.